4The Player Like Marvel With 7 Elements!

The game design is based on superheroes, in which we are offered an incredibly interesting gaming experience that revolves around the 7 elements and future powers. In the background of the reels, we can see a purple shimmer surrounded by lightning bolts, where the reels are filled with colored symbols. It is a slot in which new future powers will be unlocked over the course of the year, where in the upper right corner you can see the upcoming future power and the time remaining until release. At the top left you can see your current power you are using.

The lowest paying symbols are the seven different elements in the colors purple, yellow, green, orange, light blue, dark blue and red. If you get 6 symbols of the same type, the bet pays between 2X and 3X. The highest paying symbols are 4 superheroes in the colors green, yellow, blue and red. If you get 6 symbols of the same type, the bet pays between 5X and 6X. The big golden lucky seven is the wild symbol in the game and the giant diamond is the scatter symbol in the game.

You can win up to 25,000 times the bet.

What features are available in the 7 Elements slot?

The game’s wild symbol helps create more winning combinations by substituting symbols, with the exception of scatter symbols.

If you get 3 or more scatter symbols, the Bonus game is activated. You will then be greeted with 10 free spins. If you get 4, 5 or 6 scatter symbols, you will also receive an instant prize of 10X, 100X or 1000X the bet.

During this bonus game, all superhero symbols will land with gems that will be collected at their respective counter. By filling these meters, you get several active boosts during the remaining spins. Each time you get a scatter symbol, each hero symbol will receive an extra gem before being collected.

Win multiplier (red) = The current win multiplier you have will be applied to the winnings created, where you can have a multiplier of 2X, 3X, 5X, 7X or 10X.

Extra Free Spins (blue) = This gives you extra free spins, 5, 10 or 15 extra free spins.

Wild Transformation (Orange) = This will transform the reels into wild transformation reels and any orange hero symbol that lands on these reels will transform into wild symbols. You can get 1, 2, 3 and 4 reels of wild card transformation.

Stack size (green) = This will increase the stack size of the green hero symbol, where this increases the number of ways to win. You can get 2, 3 and 4 in the stack size.

The future powers of the game will be unlocked over the course of the slot year, with the result that the game structure will change over time. You can only activate one power at a time, with newly unlocked powers activated automatically. However, you can switch to another power that you have previously used at any time.

The various potential power effects that you can take advantage of at the time of writing are and do the following:

Cash Prize (Base Game Only) = Symbols can receive various cash prizes which will be awarded directly to the player if they land on the winning symbols.

Double Stack (basic game only) = Symbols can come in double stack, increasing the number of ways to win.

Wild Reel (base game only) = This will turn reel 2 into a wild reel. The orange hero symbols that land on this reel will turn into wild symbols.

Double Pays (base game only) = This will give double payouts for a symbol during the base game.

Extra Gems (Free Spins Only) = A symbol will land with an extra gem to collect.

5 extra free spins (free spins only) = This will award 5 extra free spins.

Double Free Spins Multiplier (Free Spins Only) = This will double the size of the win multiplier.

You can use the bonus purchase function to directly access the bonus game by paying 56 times the bet, so the RTP increases to 96.50%. When you use the buy bonus, there will be no active power.

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