After “I” and “Cygnus” Elk tries again With the new Stars of Orion!

The design of the game consists of a star theme, in which we can observe Orion shining in a very starry place.

The lowest paying symbols are gems in the colors purple, green, blue and red. Getting 15 or more of the same type of symbol pays between 2.5X and 4X the bet. The symbols that pay the most are a bird, a wolf, a deer and a lucky seven. Getting 15 or more of the same type of symbol pays between 35X and 200X the bet. The golden W is the wild symbol in the game and the golden B is the scatter symbol in the game. There is also a symbol that shows a red B, and it is the super scatter symbol. Let’s find out what the features do.

You can win up to 10,000 times the bet.

The game’s wild symbol helps create more winning combinations by substituting for other symbols, except for scatter symbols.

When you create a winning cluster, the Avalanche feature is activated. Then all the symbols that were part of the winning group will disappear from the reels, the symbols will fall and slide left and right as low as possible. As long as new wins are created, the Avalanche feature continues.

When creating wins, these symbols will help you increase the Magic Meter. By collecting enough symbols, you will be able to take advantage of the payout multiplier and magic features.

By filling the Magic Meter, you can take advantage of different win multiplier sizes that are applied to the wins created. The win multiplier can show 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X, 32X and 64X, which can help generate holiday wins.

During spins, some symbols may be randomly assigned a blue frame, making them super symbols. All symbols within the winning group with the super symbol and the adjacent group will have their symbols exchanged for the highest paying symbols.

When you fill up the Magic Meter, the payout multiplier will be activated and you can also take advantage of the magic features. These are and do the following:

Symbol Swap = Swap adjacent symbols to create winning stacks. If it is not possible to create winning combinations in this way, 1 or more symbols will be replaced by wild symbols to allow for a winning cluster.

Belt of Orion = 3 wild symbols land on the reels, in the shape of Belt of Orion.

Orion’s Club = 6 wild symbols appear on the reels, in the shape of Orion’s Club.

Shield of Orion = 9 wild symbols land on the reels, in the shape of an Orion Shield.

Orion = 13 wild symbols land on the reels, shaped like a whole Orion.

When you get scatter symbols, they will remain on the reels during the wild fall.

If you get 3 scatter symbols, the Free Drops feature is activated. You will then be greeted with 10 free drops and within this bonus game, your progress on the Magic Meter will remain between spins made. You can get super scatter symbols, which have red frames around them. If you get 3 of these, the super bonus game is triggered where you are greeted with 10 free releases and the super symbols land more frequently.

You can use the X-iter feature, where you can use 5 different game modes across 5 different payouts.

5X = Receive a spin that is guaranteed to generate a win.

10X = Receive a spin where the chances of getting super symbols increase.

25X = Get a spin where you also get 3 symbol swap functions.

100X = Activate the Free Drops feature with 3 scatter symbols.

500X = Activate the Super Free Drops feature with 3 super scatter symbols.

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