All Netent Characters in one Slot? Now yes! With the SuperStars!

Superstars is a video slot from NetEnt that features 5 reels, 5 lines and 45 paylines. You can choose between making a of 0.10 and a of 100. The game was created with 3 different RTPs, with an RTP of 96.08% by default, but game operators can also choose to use RTPs lower than 94.06% or 92.01%. The slot has medium / high volatility and you can win up to 4596 times the bet.

It is a spectacular mashup that we can experiment with many familiar characters and features which are Free Spins, Finn, Gonzo, Miss Banks, Star Wars, Starburst, Extra Spin & Extra Life, Wheel Game, Final Game and Bonus Buy.

The game design is based on the familiar and adorable great characters from previous successful NetEnt games. Here we have Miss Banks, Gonzo, Starburst, Brute and Finn, making us participate in an exciting bonus game. It is a very colorful slot, with the background within the base game and the bonus game full of all the colors of the rainbow. Within the bonus game, you are transported to a board game area, similar to the Monopoly game, where you can see the houses of each famous person around the game board.

The lowest paying symbols are 10, J, Q, K and A. The highest paying symbols are Miss Banks (blue), Finn (green), Brute (purple), Gonzo (yellow) and Starburst (red). The game’s scatter symbols consist of a large Cullinan-like diamond,

You can win up to 4596 times the bet.

If you get 3 or more scatter symbols, the free spins feature is activated. You will then be moved to a new location, where a board game awaits you.

The scatter symbols you had upon activation will turn into multipliers and will be placed in random positions on the reels, so you will receive 3 free spins. Whenever you get a new multiplier, the free spins will reset to 3.

By moving using the dice symbols, you have the possibility to activate any function with a NetEnt character. These different characters are and do the following if you activate them:

Finn = When this feature is activated, Finn will add 5X to up to 5 different multipliers on the board. Once he has assigned these multipliers, they will add up to form a total multiplier, giving more room for more multipliers to land on the board.

Gonzo = he will randomly have a multiplier of 2X, 3X or 5X multiplied by up to 24 random multipliers on the table.

Miss Banks = Randomly place multipliers with values ​​ranging from 1X to 5X on up to 15 random multipliers on the table.

Space Wars = It will give you 3 extra respins, where the three most valuable multipliers are copied and only these can then land during the respins.

Starburst = This will place a vertical stack of three multipliers with values ​​ranging from 2X to 5X, with all multipliers always showing the same value.

If you manage to land in the top right corner, the free spins counter will increase to 4 compared to the previous 3. Also, the counter will reset to 4 at the same time this occurs.

If you can make a full turn on the board, you will receive an extra life. This means that once you run out of free spins, you will have reset them to the maximum value you have unlocked, which is 3 or 4.

During the bonus game, you can land on the wheel symbol and you will receive one of the following:

1 die = You receive 1 extra die.

2 dice = You receive 2 extra dice.

+1 = This will increase all multipliers on the table by 1X.

Upgrade = This will apply the amount of your stake to all empty positions on the board.

Random = This will allow you to spin a mini wheel, where one of the characters with Finn, Gonzo, Miss Banks, Brute or Starburst will be activated.

Replay = If you manage to activate a bonus feature, it will be repeated if you landed on this replay box.

If you manage to fill all positions with multipliers, the end game feature will be activated. Then all positions surrounding the reels will randomly receive multipliers of 25X, 50X, 75X, 100X, 500X or 1000X. This applies to all but two positions, which each receive one die, placed in the lower left and upper right corners. Within this final game, you will have the amount of free spins from before, where the maximum number of hearts and free spins will be converted into dice. If you have an unused repeat function, your first roll of the dice will double its value.

If you want to take advantage of the bonus game right away, you can use the bonus purchase feature. You pay 150 times the bet and then the bonus game is activated.

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