Another interesting Gigablox For Yggdrasil! Here is the Champion of the Underworld!

The lowest paying symbols are the suits of a deck of playing cards. Landing of clubs, diamonds, spades or hearts will award 0.5 times the bet for a combination of 6 symbols. The symbols that pay the most are all scary-looking monsters. We have a green horse, a blue-skinned and blue-haired woman, a purple woman with snakes for hair (could it be Medusa?), And an ox-like creature with a nose ring. The landing of these symbols assigns between 1X and 2X the bet for a combination of 6 symbols. The Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter.

You can win up to 10,000 times the bet.

The Wild symbol, represented by a smiling death skull, substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter.

Any symbol can appear as a Gigablox, in the shape of a 2X2, 3X3 or 4X4. Each time a Gigablox lands, it is split into full-sized symbols before paying. Thus, one Gigablox 4X4 equals 16 symbols.

The Scatter symbol says “free spins” in block capitals. You must get at least 5 to activate the free spins and you will be awarded one spin per symbol. Symbols are calculated on the size of the symbol; therefore one Gigablox 2X2 scatter equals 4 scatter symbols. Each scatter that lands in the free spins awards an extra spin.

In any turn of the base game, Hades can decide to fight monsters. Each defeated monster will turn into a wild symbol. This also applies to Gigablox symbols.

You can try adding a couple of extra spins before entering the feature, as long as you don’t already have the maximum number of spins (20). You can bet for fewer spins with a higher chance of success or more spins with a lower chance of success. You are presented with a mini-game where you should draw a sword. Choosing a sword with a golden tip will give you one or more extra rounds, while choosing a broken sword will cause you to lose all rounds, returning you to the base game.

The free spins are extremely brutal, with Hades giving a wild fight with every spin. The feature also has a multiplier counter that starts at 1X and increases as Hades turns monsters into wild cards. This is the number of successful fights Hades must do to increase the multiplier:

9 fights = 2X multiplier

20 fights = 3X multiplier

33 fights = 5X multiplier

48 fights = 10X multiplier

65 fights = 25X multiplier

The player receives 2 extra spins every time the multiplier is updated. The 25X multiplier is the highest you can reach and the fight counter will stop counting your winnings.

The Buy Bonus will allow the player to purchase the free spins. Paying 90 times the bet will activate the feature with 5 spins. Paying 1000 times the bet will give you the feature with 20 spins. If you buy the 5 free spins, you have the option to bet for more. Just remember that you can lose them all.

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