Elk Ready To Launch A Unique Slot! Here is the “Coba”

The design of the game is Mayan themed, where we visit the place Coba, protected by the giant snake Quetzalcoatl. Against the background of the reels, you can glimpse this temple where plants envelop the side of the building and epic background music is constantly played to increase the atmosphere even more.

The lowest paying symbols are stones carved in the colors green, blue and red. If you roll 15 or more of the same type of symbol, you pay between 4X and 10X the bet. The symbols that pay the most are precious stones in green, blue, red and a beautifully decorated gold coin. If you get 15 or more of the same type of symbol, you pay between 15X and 500X the bet. The wild symbol of the game consists of a diamond ring surrounded by gold. Let’s find out what the features do together.

You can win up to 25,000 times the bet.

The game’s wild symbol helps enable more winning combinations by substituting for other payout symbols.

When you create a winning combination, the Avalanche feature is activated. Then all the symbols that were part of the winning combination will disappear from the reels and the remaining symbols will fall vertically by gravity. They will then slide along both sides to cover the positions, with new symbols falling from the top to fill all the empty positions. Each winning group will generate points that will be added to the snake’s progress indicator and the progress will remain until new avalanches are created from the winnings.

By filling the snake’s progress indicator with points, you can take part in different levels with different quantities of snakes. Depending on whether you activate level 1, 2, 3 or 4, you will receive 1, 2, 3 or 6 snakes respectively. A snake is a linear cluster of symbols that will move along the reels, and is at least 5 symbols long, where it is always guaranteed to create a winning cluster. He will receive a head and a tail, which is indicated by the gold frame. It may also have a surviving or non-surviving state, indicated by a yellow or blue tail.

When this snake symbol lands, the symbol it landed on will become the selected snake symbol and when the snake moves to new positions, all these positions will become the same type of symbol. If this snake moves to this selected snake symbol, it will be eaten, then it will activate the survival state and grow by one symbol. Once it enters the survival state, it will remain on the reels during the upcoming Avalanche.

If the snake fails to move over the snake symbol during the current launch, it will die and then disappear for the upcoming launch. A newly arrived snake symbol will always land with a yellow tail, which will make it survive the first avalanche, even if it failed to get past the specific type of snake symbol. These snake symbols will then enter the non-survival state, which means they must move to the specific snake symbol to qualify for the impending fall.

If two snake symbols cross each other, the symbol position will receive a 2X wildcard multiplier which will then be doubled each time a new snake crosses that position. If you have several wildcard multipliers, these will be multiplied by each other before being applied to any winnings. If a snake crosses your body, it will be removed from the reels.

If you want to take advantage of several features right away, you can use the X-iter function. You can then choose from these that cost and do the following:

2X = This will release 3 snakes when you reach level 1 or 2.

10X = You will activate level 1 and receive 1 snake.

25X = You will activate level 1 and the snake will be longer than normal.

100X = Level 1 activates, where levels 1 and 2 will release 3 snakes.

500X = Activate level 4 and release 6 snakes.

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