How beautiful! Thunderkick Brings Triple Royal Gold to life! Modern and Retro in Mashup!

Triple Royal Gold contains only 5 payment symbols. The lowest paying symbols are a horseshoe, a bell and a “bar”. A winning combination of 3 with one of these pays 1x, 1.5x and 3x respectively. The highest paid symbol includes a 7 and a crown. 3 crowns pay 5 times and 3 7 pay 2.5 times. The game also has a wild symbol which is a diamond. Replaces all other symbols. There are also 5 other scatter symbols in the game with the letters B, O, N, U and S. These are used to activate the bonus game and we will tell you how in the next section, where we will analyze the characteristics of the slots!

You can win up to 5,000 times the bet.

The game’s wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols, allowing for more winning combinations.

Symbols included in collected winnings or bonus chips are replaced with new symbols. This continues until you make no more connections.

Free spins are triggered when you have created a winning combination with all 5 bonus symbols (B, O, N, U, S). You will be awarded 8 free spins. Instead of collecting bonus symbols, you will try to connect with the paying symbols during the free spins. Each time you do that, that symbol will light up under the reels. When you have created a winning combination with all the paying symbols, you will be awarded 2 extra spins and the multiplier will increase. The multiplier will increase in the following order: 1x-3x-9x-27x.

Buy bonus
If you want to enter the bonus game directly, you can do so by purchasing it for 120 times the bet.

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