Moon Princess Theme !? Here is The Sister Of The Sun!

Harness the powers of Ra, the Egyptian sun god, as Play’n GO sheds light and luck on the favorite in its latest slot title: Sisters of the Sun.

Sisters of the Sun is a 5 × 5 pay slot that includes both a Goddess Power and Sisterhood feature mode, as well as a round of free spins.

Within the base game, victories are obtained by obtaining three or more symbols in a row, horizontally or vertically. The winning symbols within the combination are removed and the remaining symbols fall into the empty spaces to potentially create new wins.

At each lap, five random positions on the grid are marked with the Eye of Ra. The win multiplier increases by one when you win an eye position; reset before each new lap.

The Goddess Power title feature is triggered randomly on a non-winning spin. Depending on the active goddess shown on the screen, a unique skill is performed to help create a victory.

If Sekhmet appears, it converts one set of symbols to another. Alternatively, Hathor adds one or two wild symbols to the grid. Finally, Bastet removes two sets of symbols.

Within the Sisterhood function, which is activated by obtaining a scatter symbol, a free round is assigned and the win multiplier is reset.

A Goddess Power is performed on each symbol drop that does not provide a winning combination, until all three goddesses have performed their respective ability.

Before the free spins round begins, players must choose one of the three goddesses who carry different variations of spins.

Sekhmet awards four opening spins; Hathor awards five and Bastet awards eight rounds. The payout multiplier is carried over from the Sisterhood feature, resetting only once the feature is finished.

During the free spins, the number of positions of the Eye of Ra increases from five to 10 and the chosen Goddess Power is activated on each non-winning spin.


Commenting on the popularity of Ancient Egyptian-themed titles, Play’n GO game manager Charlotte Miliziano said, “The regal nature of Ancient Egyptian narratives, gods and pharaohs continues to be a favorite. by the players as the content is so rich.

“There are so many gods, goddesses and pharaohs we haven’t heard of. Maybe we will be the ones to tell their stories in our games ”.

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