New Interesting Relax Gaming! Here is the Blender Blitz!

The game design is tropical themed. We are on a sunny beach in front of a bar where drinks are mixed at high speed. In the background of the reels you can see the turquoise water near which the bar is positioned, where on the right there is a fruit counter and, on the left, we have the large blender, which activates the bonus game when it has been filled with fruit.

The lowest paying symbols are kiwi, orange, peach and strawberry. Getting 5 of the same type of symbol pays out 1.5 times the bet. The medium pay symbols are grapes, pineapples and cherries. If you get 5 symbols of the same type, it pays 3 times the bet. The highest paid symbols are ice cubes, yellow lemonade and a red blender. If you get 5 symbols of the same type, the bet pays between 5X and 25X. During spins you can also get WILD symbols and elimination symbols that show a knife. After successfully activating the bonus game, you can also get symbols with a plus sign that award extra free spins.

You can win up to 25,000 times the bet.

When you create a win, the cascade feature will be activated. Then the winning combinations will disappear from the reels and then new symbols will fall to cover the empty positions, which then can generate new wins.

The game’s wild symbol helps enable more winning combinations by substituting for other payout symbols. It can land on reels 1 to 4 and when it is not part of a win, it and all surrounding symbols will be removed.

When you create a win, the symbols that were part of the win will fill the corresponding meter to the right of the reels. After filling a meter with 10 symbols of the same type, these symbols will no longer be able to land during the spin. You can successfully remove all lower and medium paying symbols, giving you the opportunity to create high paying wins with the remaining higher paying symbol types.

Eliminator symbol
You can land this symbol on reel 5 and when it lands, two things can happen. It can remove any of the types of lower or middle payout symbols from the reels or all symbols are removed from the reels, filling their respective counters and thus causing new symbols to drop.

When you create a win, the low and medium payout winning symbols will be collected in a counter. After collecting 15 symbols, the free spins feature is activated. You will then be greeted with 5 free spins and during the spins you will get an extra life symbol on reel 5. This can give you 1 to 3 extra free spins and every time you run a spin that does not generate a win, a free spin is subtracted from your plate. Your progress in removing symbols will carry over to this bonus game, and any symbols you manage to remove will remain removed during the next rounds of the bonus game.

If you manage to remove all medium and low pay symbols, you will receive 1 super spin. This super spin will give you a random win multiplier of between 10X and 500X applied to this spin, which is guaranteed to give you a payout. This bonus will then end if you have successfully activated the super spin or run out of free spins.

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