Pragmatic Has Brooded A Mastondontic Slot! Here is the “Chicken Drop”

The game design consists of a farm theme where we are looking for precious golden eggs. In the background of the reels we see a green lawn and a large red barn, where a rooster crows loudly. You create a winning combination by landing 5 or more symbols of the same type, cluster mode to understand.


VOTING – ★★★★★  -4.5

The lowest paying symbols are hearts and spades. If you roll 37 or more of the same type of symbol, the stake is 50 times higher. The medium pay symbols consist of a mushroom, a nut, and a cob of corn. If you roll 37 or more of the same type of symbol, the stake goes from  100X to 250X . The highest paying symbols are a blueberry and a strawberry. If you roll 37 or more of the same type of symbol, the stake is  500X to 1000X . The treasure chest is the scatter symbol in the game and if you get 4, 5, 6 or 7, the stake is  3X, 5X, 20X and 100X respectively. The golden watering can is the symbol of the game size update and the green four-leaf clover is the symbol of the game multiplier update. Let’s find out what the features do.

When you spin the reels and hit a winning deck, the Tumble feature   is activated. Then all the symbols that were part of this winning cluster will disappear from the reels and then new symbols will fall covering the empty positions. This continues until new winning combinations are created.

During your spins, there are two different upgrade symbols that can land, namely size upgrade and multiplier upgrade. When you spin the reels and one of these hits, an egg will land on the reels where it displays a group of the same type of symbol. If you get another upgrade symbol, another egg will land on the reels and this will continue until new upgrade symbols arrive. The two different update symbols are as follows:

Size improvement = Each time there is this shot, it will progressively increase the size of the egg from  2X2, 3X3, 4X4, 5X5 and finally 6X6.

Multiplier Boost = Each time it is hit, the payout multiplier for the next egg drop will increase from  2X to 11X . This multiplier will then be applied to the winning clusters created.

If you get 4 or more scatter symbols, the Free Spins feature is activated. Depending on whether you got 4, 5 or 6 scatter symbols, you will receive 10, 15 and 20 free spins respectively. You can also get extra free spins during this feature, whereby landing 4 or more scatter symbols gives you 5 free spins.

What makes this feature even more special is that any power-up symbols that land will remain in effect until the end of the round. You’re also guaranteed to get an egg drop after the Tumble feature is spawned.

If you wish to take advantage of the  Free Spins feature directly ,  you can use the Purchase Bonus feature  . Then you pay 100 times the bet, where you get 4, 5 or 6 scatter symbols which give 10, 15 and 20 free spins respectively.

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