QuickSpin Classic version With the Reno 7’s

The game design consists of a theme with the city of Reno in focus, where in the background of the reels you can see tall, illuminated buildings surrounded by high mountains. The hi-hat is hit with tact, while atmospheric electric guitar riffs are played during the rounds.

The lowest pay symbols are lemons, plums and watermelons. If you get 3 symbols of the same type, the bet goes from 1X to 3X. The highest paying symbols consist of the bell, BAR and lucky seven. If you get 3 symbols of the same type, the bet goes from 8X to 77X. The wild symbol in the game pays as much as the lucky seven and during the spins you can also get scatter wheel which consist of a delicious mix of different colors. Let’s find out what the features do.

You can win up to 8277 times the bet.

The game’s wild symbol helps create more winning combinations by substituting other symbols on the reels. The only symbol it does not replace is the scatter symbol. It can land in both the base game and the bonus game; the difference is that it ends up in the bonus game as a stacked wild. When he lands in the bonus game, he will always push down to cover the entire reel.

Rotate by 7
If you get 2 or 3 scatter symbols, the Wheel of 7 feature is activated. You will then receive a direct win of 5X, 7X, 12X, 22X, 55X, 77X, 777X, 7777X or 15 free spins.

If you get 3 scatter symbols or get stars within the 7 wheel feature, the Free Spins feature is activated. You are then greeted with 15 free spins and can reactivate more spins through one of the two options mentioned above. The wild symbols will be stacked and pushed down to cover the entire reel when they land.

You can use the Bonus Buy feature if you want to spin the feature 7 wheel and also if you want to take part in the free spins. Then you pay the following:

22X = Activate the Wheel of 7 feature and take part in 1 lap. Using this bonus purchase option, the RTP increases to 96.37%.

77X = You activate the wheel of 7 feature and participate in 1 spin, then the free spins feature is activated. Using this bonus purchase option, the RTP increases to 96.43%

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