Sequel “Live” For the DEAD OR ALIVE! Evolution Gaming Launches The Dead or Alive Saloon!

Evolution set out to take players to the Wild West of Dead or Alive: Saloon Live, a card game. Those who join will be looking to cash in some big payouts, kind of like it usually happens in Dead or Alive (Slot). We remind you that Evolution acquired Netent Tempi ago so it can use the slot brand to your liking, therefore this can be defined as a Sequel, even if live! Evolution brings an interesting and unique game that is extremely easy to master. Dead or Alive: Saloon Live is basically a card-guessing game. There is a lot of winning potential that you can take advantage of, considering that half of the deck offers multipliers and half takes you directly to the bonus round. The suspense increases to the maximum as one card after another is drawn. What will be? A regular card, a multiplier bonus card or a bounty card?

So how exactly do you play Dead or Alive: Saloon Live? The Evolution title is fast-paced, straightforward, and requires minimal skills to play. It all boils down to 52 playing cards and 52 Bonus cards. Players must place their bets and wait for the dealer to start drawing cards, one by one. All you need to do to increase your winning potential is to collect Bonus cards with multipliers. Once a normal card is drawn, the round will end.

The goal of the game is to predict which regular card will be drawn first. You have numerous options for betting: you bet on a particular card, a specific suit or a certain card value. Additionally, players also have the option to bet on more or all of the cards. Each card has a default starting potential of 20x.

The dealer will start drawing cards. If a Bonus card with a 20x, 30x, 50x or 100x multiplier is drawn, the value is added to the amount of your initial potential win. For example, if you receive a Bonus card with a 30x multiplier, this amount is added to your initial default potential of 20x, which means that your final win amount is 50x. Alternatively, if the host draws a Double card, the amount of your potential win is doubled. Note, however, that Double cards will not affect the values ​​of any future Bonus cards.

The round ends when the dealer draws a regular card. If you have correctly predicted which regular card will be drawn, you win. Your bet will be multiplied by the accumulated multiplier value which can reward you with a maximum payout potential of € 500,000! The range of bets is suitable for all types of players, from a minimum price of € 1 to a maximum of € 1,000.

As we mentioned, your goal is to predict which regular card will be drawn first. Players can bet on a particular card, a specific suit or a certain card value. Each card has a default starting potential of 20x.

The Saloon live dealer game comes with original gameplay as well as an original payout structure. You won’t see many values ​​set. Your reward will depend solely on how many Bonus cards you end up drawing before the end of the round. Each win offers rewards between 20x and 2,000x and it is not possible to predict how things will turn out. Additionally, Dead or Alive: Saloon’s maximum payout potential is capped at € 500,000.

The RTP is 97.02%, which is slightly lower than many other casino table games, however, it is still good enough to offer solid payouts.

Since Dead or Alive: Saloon is a live dealer game, don’t expect to find any extra features. However, the game offers a pretty sweet bonus round, which will really spice up your gaming session. As mentioned, there are 52 regular cards, plus 52 Bonus cards with multipliers. The Bonus cards themselves consist of three Double cards, six Bounty cards, twenty multiplier cards, nineteen 30x multiplier cards, three 50x multiplier cards, and one 100x multiplier card.

The way to the special round is through the six Bounty cards. That is to say, the lucky players who draw one of these cards will be directly taken to the Bounty Hunt event. Here you will see a wooden plank, with three “wanted” posters featuring dangerous outlaws. These posters act as targets, each hiding a multiplier value. Once you have decided your target, aim and shoot. The poster will then reveal the multiplier that is added to the amount of your potential winnings.

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