Sequel to the San Quentin coming soon! Here is Folsom Prison!

The design of the game is based on the theme of the famous Folsom prison, where we visit this place and meet a group of prisoners. In the background of the reels, you can see the prison with high watchtowers. Along with a fantastic design, a very catchy music has been created that greatly raises the mood during the game.

It is a 4-6-6-6-4 reel configuration, in which most of the positions are locked from the start and therefore you have 16 ways to win. These locked positions can be unlocked using special symbols with scatter, wild, xSplit and xWays symbols that landing on an open position will open the closest locked positions below and above on the respective reel.

The lowest paying symbols are 10, J, Q, K and A. Landing 5 of the same type of symbol pays between 0.3X and 0.9X the bet. The highest paying symbols are the prisoners Fresh Meat (gray), Backstabber (red), The Fixer (blue), Shivy Impala (green) and Shankman (yellow). The game’s wild symbol consists of a rose and the scatter symbol shows a golden Folsom prison. During spins you can also land the xSplit and xWays symbols.

You can win up to 75,000 times the bet.

You can choose to activate the Toast Bet by paying 20% ​​more than the amount of your bet, so this will guarantee that a scatter symbol will land on the second reel.

The game’s wild symbols help enable more winning combinations by substituting for other paying symbols. These are the normal wild and the roach’s nest, where they can land on all reels except reel 1.

Landing 3 scatter symbols activates the Walk the Line bonus game. You can land scatter symbols only on reels 2 to 5 and on the 2 central rows and it is possible to land them only on reel 5 within the Walk the Line function. When you get 2 scatter symbols, reel 5 will be unlocked and you will have the opportunity to get a third scatter to activate the bonus game. If you only get 2 scatter symbols, they will turn into xSplit, xWays, wild or cockroaches nest symbols.

When you activate the Walk the Line feature, you will be greeted with 8 free spins and receive 2 extra free spins when and if a scatter lands on reel 5. If this scatter is affected by an xSplit symbol, award 1 extra free spin, giving you 3 free spins extra in total. If this occurs, the remaining spins of Walk the Line will turn into The Chair Spins.

You’re guaranteed to land at least 1 sticky beetle on each spin even starting with a 2-4-4-4-2 reel setup.

If you get 4 scatter symbols, The Chair bonus game will be activated and you will get 8 free spins. You will then receive 1 additional free spin whenever a scatter symbol is affected by an xSplit symbol. You’re guaranteed to get at least 3 Cockroach symbols on each spin and start with a 4-4-4-4-4 reel configuration.

These cockroaches will spawn on the 3 middle reels and can also transform from scatter symbols. Their starting position will then turn into wild symbols, and then they will roam the reels leaving multipliers on passing symbols. If they exceed a position multiple times, the multiplier of that position will also increase several times in parity with the size of the cockroach multiplier. If the cockroach passes a locked position, it will be unlocked and if multiple cockroaches occupy the same position, it will be transformed into a wild.

Within the bonus game, you can also land cockroach nest symbols that are inactive until a cockroach hovers over that symbol. It will then update its multiplier for the rest of the function. The different multiplier levels a cockroach can have are 1X, 2X, 3X, or 10X. If it contains 2 eggs, it will upgrade the Cockroach level 1, but will also clone another Cockroach that remains during the remaining rounds. However, this can only occur once per bonus game session, and the multiplier the cockroaches receive in Walk the Line will follow you to the chair if you activate it in the same round.

This symbol can land in any position during the spin and will contain 2 to 4 of a random regular pay symbol type. The xWays symbols will open 1 symbol below and 1 symbol above on the same reel it lands on, where this leads to an increase in the winning modes.

This symbol can only land on reels 2 to 5 and the two middle rows. When this symbol stops, all the symbols on the row split, thus doubling the payout modes for the paying symbols. If you split the scatters, you will be given an extra free spin when you activate the bonus and this will also result in the unlocking of additional locked cells. The xSplit symbol splits into 2 wild symbols and the multiplier level will be updated by 1 if you split a cockroach nest.

If you manage to get the maximum game win of 75000 times your bet, the Meet Your Maker scene will be activated and you will receive this gigantic prize pool.

There are 5 different bonus purchase options you can choose from to participate directly, where these cost and give the following:

68X ( € 100) = The Walk the Line bonus game is activated, where there is an RTP of 96.36%.

1500X ( € 6) = The Chair bonus game is activated, where there is an RTP of 96.31%.

82X ( € 100) = You have 99% chance to activate Walk the Line and 1% to activate The Chair, where there is an RTP of 96.46%.

355X ( € 24) = You have an 80% chance to activate Walk the Line and 20% to activate The Chair, where there is an RTP of 96.20%.

784X ( € 10) = You have a 50% chance to activate Walk the Line and 50% to activate The Chair, where there is an RTP of 96.33%.

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