Spectacular Designs For Yggdrasil with the New Monsters VS Gigablox!

The game design features a monstrous theme, in which we meet a couple of legendary characters who have chosen to fight in the middle of a big city. Against the background of the reels, you can see burning skyscrapers; intense, action-packed music is played during the laps.

The lowest paying symbols are 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. If you get 6 symbols of the same type, it pays 1.25 times the bet. The highest paying symbols are monsters with frames in yellow, turquoise, purple, blue, red and orange. If you get 6 symbols of the same type, the bet pays between 2X and 10X. The gold crown is the game’s wild symbol and the VS symbol is the game’s scatter symbol. Let’s find out what the features do together.

You can win up to 3118 times the bet.

The game’s wild symbol helps allow for more winning combinations by substituting for other symbols, except for scatter symbols.

During your spins you will be able to get gigablox symbols which can be up to 6X6 in size. For example, if a 6X6 symbol lands, it equates to 36 symbols of that specific symbol type. All symbols can land as gigablox symbols, with scatter and wild symbols included.

If you get 5 or more scatter symbols, the free spins feature is activated. Get 4 free spins + get 1 extra free spin for each scatter symbol included in the activation of this bonus game. This means that you can get up to 40 free spins from the start and you cannot reactivate extra free spins during the bonus game.

The symbol of the monster that appeared the most upon activation will be selected as the symbol of the unleashed monster and when it lands it will behave like a wild symbol. If you rolled an equal number of 2 or more monster symbols upon activation, the one with the highest payout will be selected as the raging monster symbol, and if no monster lands, the lowest paying symbol of the symbols with the lowest payment.

If you create a win that contains only wild symbols and / or raging monsters, the payout will be doubled.

If you want to take advantage of the free spins feature right away, you can use the bonus purchase feature. Pay 75 times the wager and then activate the bonus game and you can start with up to 30 free spins. Using the bonus purchase option, the RTP will increase to 96.27%.

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