Super Bowl 2019 Betting: More Than $300 Million In Legal US Wagers

PlayUSA analysts are estimating that $325 million of legal wagers will be laid on this weekend’s Super Bowl in the United States.

Eight states now have legal sports betting. Most remains in state casinos, but online wagering is growing fast. Take on and offline together and sports fans now have 261 legal options for where to place sports bets.

“We’re setting the line at a $100 million in legal bets in New Jersey and $325 million in total bets placed on the game at legal sportsbooks nationwide. The excitement of being able to legally place a bet for the first time in New Jersey, an intriguing matchup with two high-powered offenses and plenty of star power, and the proliferation of proposition bets, should all combine to make for an impressive total.”


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  • Nevada: $160 million
  • New Jersey: $100 million
  • Pennsylvania: $30 million
  • Mississippi: $17.5 million
  • West Virginia: $10 million
  • Delaware: $5 million
  • Rhode Island: $1 million
  • New Mexico–$500,000

The American Gaming Association (AGA) put out its own survey findings on Jan 28. The survey conducted by Morning Consult, found that:

  • 22.7 million American adults plan to bet on Sunday’s game;
  • 52 percent say they will bet on the Rams, while 48 percent will bet on the Patriots;
  • Americans say they will wager a total of $6 billion on the Super Bowl.

Put PlayUSA’s numbers together with the AGA survey results and some unpleasant numbers result:

  • Over 21 million Americans will bet with an unlicensed operator;
  • $5.65 billion of the $6 billion wagered will go to the black market.

Bill Miller, AGA’s president and chief executive officer is highly conscious of the problem:

The sooner more states adopt sensible legal sports betting policies, the sooner the vast sums of money wagered illegally can be brought back to US shores.Sed mauris libero, pretium consectetur cursus eu, blandit at arcu. Morbi justo turpis, vulputate et elementum non, dapibus at ante. Morbi id augue id justo pulvinar elementum. Donec volutpat quam quis porta maximus.

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