The cygnus 2! New Elk Sequel Coming Soon!

Cygnus 2 is a 6 column, 4 row slot with falling symbols.

The symbols that pay the most are the symbols of the astrological zodiac signs, followed by red, green and blue gems. There is also a Wild symbol, which substitutes for all but the bonus and multiplier symbols. The minimum bet here is € 0.20 per spin and the highest bet is € 100 per spin.

Cygnus 2 is a “full play” slot, which means that you will form a win when you connect at least 3 symbols on adjacent reels starting with the leftmost reel, regardless of their position on their respective reels.

All symbols that are part of a win will explode due to the snowball feature, which leaves room for more drop symbols. Gravity determines how the remaining symbols will fall and their final position could result in more winning combinations.

In addition, the winning symbols add an extra row to the reels, up to a maximum of 8 rows. The Avalanche feature continues to add more lines until new winning combinations appear.

4 lines – 4,096 ways to win
5 lines – 15,625 ways to win
6 lines – 46,656 ways to win
7 lines – 117,649 ways to win
8 lines – 262,144 ways to win

The slot sees the return of the multiplier symbols that were present in the original Cygnus.

This function is started when one of the multiplier symbols reaches the leftmost column. When it does, the active multiplier is increased.

If a multiplier ends up in the bottom row of columns 2-6, it will be removed before being dropped back into the column one step to the left. The replacement of this symbol occurs at the end of the current avalanche cycle, but will only take place once per cycle.

The Multiplier is reset before the start of the next spin in the Base Game.

Its bonus round is activated in the same way as the original, with a bonus symbol that must reach the leftmost column.

When activated, 7 free drops are awarded and the current active multiplier persists in the bonus round.

Each new free release starts with 4 lines and the current active multiplier, which persists throughout the bonus, and the multiplier symbols can reappear if they reach the bottom of lines 2-6. The Cygnus 2 bonus game can also be reactivated by providing another bonus symbol in the leftmost column.

This round may not seem too different from the base game, but the persistent multiplier makes a difference.

The X-iter feature is essentially a bonus purchase at any level, so it’s not available to those located in the UK.

Bonus Hunt – 1 Drop with more than double the chance to activate the bonus game at a cost of 2 times the selected bet
Multiplier – 1 Drop with an activated multiplier symbol guaranteed at a cost of 10 times the selected bet
Multiplier Wilds – 1 Drop where the multiplier symbols are also Wild. This costs 25 times the selected bet and the multiplier symbols remain until they are converted to normal Wild symbols by reaching the leftmost column
Bonus – Guarantees entry into the bonus at a cost of 100 times the selected bet
Super Bonus – Guarantees entry into the bonus round in which the multiplier symbols are also wild at a cost of 500 times the selected bet. The multiplier symbols remain until they are converted to normal Wild symbols by reaching the leftmost column
The theoretical RTP for all game modes in Cygnus 2 is 94%.

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