Wow! BTG Goes Wild With The New Millionaire Rush Megacluster!

The Millionaire Rush slot uses the Megaclusters mechanic which was invented by Big Time Gaming. Starting from a 5 × 5 grid, winnings are obtained when 5 or more identical symbols are attached to each other. The grid can grow to a size of 10 × 10, which means 100 clusters of symbols are possible. The larger the cluster, the greater the reward.

Playable from 20 cents 20 euros per spin the slot has an RTP of 96.44%, while the maximum possible payout is X55060!

With a TV theme, the Millionaire Rush slot is another sequel to the more renowned Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Set in the studio, it uses the official soundtrack. However, it does not include our dear Jerry Scotti as in previous titles.

Starting from a 5 × 5 grid, you will see the MEGATRAIL to the left of the grid. Symbols on the grid include yellow, teal, red, purple, orange, green, and blue gemstones. The purple gem is the highest paid symbol with 25 or more awarding 50 times your total bet.

There is also a multicolored wildcard that substitutes for all the paying symbols. This is not a traditional scatter or bonus symbol as the free spins are awarded by the Megatrail (more details below).

With 3 bonus features, the Millionaire Rush slot includes the cascade feature which gives you subsequent wins. Each win sees you step into the Megatrail which can award 12 different prizes and bonus prizes of up to 1,000 x wager. Win 7 times in a row to access Free Spins where multiple prizes and double bonus prizes are up for grabs.

As with many BTG slots, there is a cascade function that is activated when a winning cluster is obtained. Reactions / wins split to create new symbols. This increases the size of the grid and the number of symbols that can appear. You also have another chance to form a winning group. At most, you can play on a 10 × 10 grid with 100 symbols. The “reactions” will continue as long as you keep winning.

Each win brings the Megatrail feature into play. The Megatrail has 12 steps with randomly determined rewards. With the first steps always empty, this changes, randomly, with each spin of the base game. At least 3 random bonuses are added to the Megatrail on each spin of the base game. Each win / reaction gets you into the Megatrail with 12 possible rewards:

1: jokers Up to 10 jokers are randomly added to the grid
2: Wild multipliers Wild cards with multipliers of up to 5x are added to the grid
3: Symbol Explosions Instances of the displayed symbol will remove all symbols on its row / column
4: Subdivision symbol Large instances of the displayed symbol transform into 4 smaller symbols of the same type
5: Symbol upgrade The instances of the displayed symbols are upgraded to the indicated symbol
6: Symbol to Wild Card The instances of the displayed symbol change to a wild card
7: Mega Wild A grid of 4 wilds is added to the grid with 2 grids added in the free spins
8: Win multiplier The multiplier for the entire spin increases up to 10 times
9: Explosions Up to 3 explosions, in the form shown, will remove symbols from the grid
10: Symbol duplication 5 large instances of the displayed symbol will be added on a row / column on the grid
11: 50: 50 All symbols in the top, bottom, left or right half of the grid will be removed
12: Maximum megaclusters All large symbols are replaced by 4 smaller symbols

Finally, there is a bonus prize on the last / twelfth step. You win by winning 12 times in a row. This prize is worth up to 1,000 times your total stake in the base game.

Each win / reaction takes you one step up the Megatrail. If you reach level 7, you will activate the Free Spins feature. With 6 free spins awarded, the bonus prizes double up to 2,000 times the total stake.

If you reach level 7 during the feature, 3 additional free spins will be won. The maximum number of free spins is 99 in total. With at least 6 random extras added to the Megatrail on each free spin, it is much more profitable than the base game.

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